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10 years’ experience

ProMina Agency is a specialist in the creative media and marketing sector, we have been operating in Egypt since 2010.
- Exciting new projects are expected from us.
- We meet our goal thanks to our creative and talented team.
- The objective of our agency is to obtain an incomparable Premium Service with excellence for all our Clients.
- Our team is willing to cover all market needs and any ideas requested by the client.
- And because we care about our customers, we go out of our way to earn their trust.

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ProMina agency is located in Egypt and Dubai. Joining us will be a great and memorable trip!

Our Companies

Considering that we are a leading company in the marketing industry our purpose is to extract guaranteed solutions and methodologies to realize benefits for our clients through the promoting plans we offer. Therefore, we built our own companies in the marketing field, such as the software company “Ajax Software” and the recording and photography studio “Raw Studios”. All marketing needs provided in one place, which is ProMina Agency. we make every decision ourselves to make sure we are getting the right quality.

Our Mission

Creativity and innovation are our foundation. We continually adapt to adapting to change in the digital world, as well as the ability to add value to our individual clients and our organization. We work our best to be the leader in providing assistance to organizations with growth and reaching their desired target.

Our Vision

To be an open platform that creates success for its business partners worldwide in the digital marketing by offering the newest and the most effective solutions to their business. So if you dream of owning a particular business, you must think broadly. A broader approach will help ensure that you come up with a brilliant future for this idea. And do not limit yourself, so that you do not seem to be focusing on something that might be easy, because your idea will be buried in things that are of no use.


Different countries in the whole world is the utmost clue of our success and distinction

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